Visual & Performing Arts

Students at Sacajawea have the opportunity to participate in both a music class and art class one time per week for 50 minutes. 

Art with Mrs. Wolf

Art teacher picture

As the year begins you will see the skills we practice in art are the building blocks for your child’s success in school and in life.  My hope is that this year will be filled with tremendous growth, fun and a love of learning for your child as he/she learns about different artists, art styles, and art mediums.  I am committed to providing your child with a safe nurturing learning environment where he/she is encouraged to see the beauty in the world around them.  The projects we do will teach your child how to manipulate and use art materials to visually represent and express their ideas and experiences.  Our projects will give your child an understanding of the arts as they learn about different time periods and artists’ throughout art history.  Through looking at works of art and through their own creations, students will learn to critically respond to and evaluate their work and the work of others.  It is my goal, that all students will leave art this year with a greater sense of accomplishment and with a strong capability to solve problems creatively.  Remember art class is a place where mistakes become discoveries and it will be a magical year for your child as he/she is filled with knowledge, fun and confidence.  Watch for information on this year’s art club at Open House. 


Music with with Mr. Caldwell

Music is an integral part of learning and everyday life. It’s all around us through sharing stories, sharing culture, nature, entertainment and beyond and my hope is that your child will get their beginnings in understanding, interpreting, and creating music themselves in my classroom. 

In my classroom, students will:

  • Experience music through singing, movement, and playing a wide variety of instruments 
  • Explore music of many different cultures close to home and all around the world
  • Learn how to create and perform
  • Think critically through comparing and contrasting

My ultimate goal is for your child to love the art of music, learn the necessary skills to be able to create and enjoy music for a lifetime, and further develop their creative process to enhance every aspect of their lives.


Kyle Caldwell