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Our Mission

The mission of Sacajawea Elementary is to inspire students to achieve their full potential in a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Our Vision

Sacajawea Elementary School is a collaborative school community inspiring students to become lifelong learners.

More about Sacajawea

At Sacajawea, our kids are worth whatever it takes!

Our staff works hard to prepare engaging and rewarding learning experiences for all students. At Sacajawea, we place high value on our partnership with parents, families, and community and we invite (and encourage) you to be an active part of helping students to achieve their full potential.

We consider it a privilege to work with your kids every day to help them be their very best selves. We believe that each and every student has a gift to share with the world, and we work hard to unlock their highest potential. We have high expectations of our students, and we have high expectations of ourselves to help all Sacy students learn and grow into well-rounded citizens and critical thinkers.

Sacajawea Elementary is a PBIS school and we embrace the “Kids at Hope” philosophy as the foundation of our work with students, parents, and our wonderful community.  We consider our parents, guardians and community of as our school’s greatest resource and critical to the success of each child. Building relationships is essential and our staff will do all we can to strengthen and maintain relationships to best help our students increase their achievement and overall success.

In our ongoing effort to partner with our parents and guardians, here are a few things that you could do to help your children:

  • Ensure a great night’s sleep every day
  • Provide breakfast or have your child participate in the breakfast program at school
  • Ensure students are at school on-time each day. Tardiness of even 5 minutes has a significant impact on your child, the teacher, and other learners
  • Pick up students promptly after school
  • Model safety and respect for school rules while on campus and in the parking lot
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher(s)
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences

Please continue to visit our website for updates throughout the year. Additionally, be sure to sign-up for Class Dojo alerts (info will be sent home from your child's teacher in the fall) and follow us on Facebook (@sacajaweaelementary)

Title I Schoolwide Plans

Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in the development of the Schoolwide Plan/Campus Improvement Plan. Parents are invited each spring to participate in the development of each Title I school’s plan. The team is comprised of various stakeholders- parents, community members, administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and support personnel. This team is responsible for reviewing data and providing input into the development of the school’s Title I plan. Parents from each demographic group are invited and encouraged to participate in the development of the annual Schoolwide Plan or Campus Improvement Plan.

A copy of the plan will be provided to parents on request. Please visit your child’s school to request a copy of the Title I Plan. Parents can share their comments or questions about the plan with a campus administrator.

Learn more about RSD Title I Schools