Our volunteer parent teach organization is here to help enrich our children's educational experience, to assist the teachers, and to bridge the gap between the classrooms and the homes so we can all be involved in our children's education.


At Sacajawea we have multiple ways be bring in additional funding to help better the school.  Some of these include the Papa John's Pizza Night, Skate Night and Hockey Night.  These all bring back a portion on what is spent to the school.  If you have ideas or suggestions for any of these, let PTO know.  Send an email with a proposal.


  • Amazon - When you shop you support the charity of your choice.  There are many charities within our community on Sacy PTO is one of them as "Sacajawea Children's Interest Association Parent Teach Organization" you can find it through a search.
  • Cash for Trash - The Cash for trash program is a new title for all programs that bring in money, from products we already purchase.  Check out these great ways to turn your trash into cash for Sacy!  Please bag all of these items and send with students.  Label all submissions with your student's name and teacher!  This is used to track progress in grade or class contests.  If you want to increase your contributions, ask family or neighbors to save them too.
  • Tyson Project A+ - The Tyson Project A+ program is a simple way to support Sacy.  Just clip and redeem Tyson Project A+ labels from packages of Tyson products.  For every label we receive, we'll get $0.24 for the school.  We can use the money for whatever we want or need.
  • Box Tops and Box Top App - Box tops are found on many products, including fresh veggies, butter, cereal, and more!  Clip them, and send them into the school.  We receive a check twice each school year for them.  Bagged or on a page, we take them anyway.  Box Tops EXPIRE!  Lame, I know, so don't hold onto them for too long, because then that little cardboard dime becomes cardboard garbage.  Box Tops also has an app.  You buy products under a special bonuses, snap a picture of your receipt and it turns into more cash for the school.  Insider Info: Now through the end of the year they have a bonus on Lysol products. 
  • Prang Power Points - Prang Power points are found on various art supplies, most notably on Ticonderoga pencils.  Clip them from the boxes and send them in.  We can take them taped or glued to pages or better yet, in a baggie. 


All Sacajawea parents, caregivers, and other friends of Sacajawea are invited to join the Sacajawea PTO.  Print out a membership form and return it to school with your $10 payment.


Coming soon for the 2020-21 school year!